Decorat Home With The Industrial Style ?

Iron, steel and rough or untreated wood are the main materials used in the furniture and accessories of this style that continues to be trend
We hear a lot of the industrial aesthetic decoration. Because for quite a few years is trend. There is no denying. We see it in magazines and shop windows. In catalogs and websites. And especially in entertainment and restaurants.
Maybe not the perfect style for any home, but it is for a certain type of apartment, especially the flat with spacious rooms and structural elements of the building exposed. Know, pipes, brick walls, steel beams …

Industrial chair

And this aesthetic is linked to the industrial movement that had its peak years in the 50’s in America. Specifically, in the area of New York. ‘s the time when you start to accept the option of factories and outside stores as housing. Sure they are more expensive than pisitos city center.
This type of construction offers light meters galore … at acceptable prices. So many workers-some immigrants in search of the promised land, and artists who dare to inhabit areas like New York’s Soho neighborhood.

It is not easy to find nowadays this type of housing is very practical-or family-but it is buying furniture and accessories inspired by this aesthetic. This is furniture that raw iron, steel and wood.
But it is not the usual polished wood and delicate, or lacquered, but untreated wood, enough, rough looking. O strong painted in different colors on a single piece of furniture, of course, looks straight lines baroquisms nothing.
In Really Nice Things there are loads of furniture of this type. Chairs, armchairs, tables, stools, sideboards, desks and lighting. All natural inspiration made ​​using recycled materials. Thus given a stark industrial look.

industrial style furniture

The same applies to the Dadra signature furniture, specializing in the manufacture of industrial-style eclectic furniture, retro and vintage. With a wide assortment of more than 200 items made of iron and wood as solid.
Among its wide range, we have found particularly interesting the image table. The same can be used for coffee table that the TV cabinet. In this case, close the rear. Can be painted to enhance the color of natural iron, manganese or painted white or color the customer asks.

the industry trend

Of course, Ikea has avoided falling into the temptation of industrial style. And it has done with Ranarp lamp series, designed according to the aesthetic of the 30s, in metallic tones and shapes that recall the parts installed in public spaces cities.
And with the new PS coffee table, made ​​of steel and with wheels for easy movement of the piece, if necessary. It also has a shelf for storing magazines that helps you get things sorted. Or to leave the movies if you use it as a TV cabinet. Available in turquoise and white.

Metal lamps

Lighting is one of the disciplines that have stronger industrial style. You ellipsis interesting lamps, for example. Metallic, very simple designs and finishes almost rude, as the model aged Warehouse in gray tone. We also have it in black and copper.