Decorate a living room for Christmas – 25 inspirations

A fun and enjoyable activity for the whole family can be to decorate your living room for Christmas. Anyone can join by making its own decorations yourself or beautiful arranged decorations already purchased. The living room is the room where is situated the tallest Christmas tree in the House often, it would therefore be best from there to start. Read our tips and see a few inspirations!

adventskranz cozy living room decorating christmas cushion cover

Choose a color palette and style. If you want your Christmas tree with decorations in a particular style (E.g. Country house style or Scandinavian) decorate, you can continue this theme throughout the room. You can use simple decorations in the traditional Christmas colors. Red and gold and blue are classic.

christmas deco living greener jewelery gift packaging

Get throw pillows and cozy blankets in festive colours for sofas and armchairs. If they are solid, they can be used also at other times. Make many candles around the room, which will donate a soft glow in the room. Candles with Christmas aromas such as Apple and cinnamon would be perfect. Packing large boxes with wrapping paper and place them around the room.

christmas deco red white living room

christmas decorations green berries branches silver vases pots

christmas decorations living room fireplace tannenzweige berries candles

christmas decorations living room Scandinavian art fur blanket

christmas decorations living room white weihnachtsbraum greener jewelery

christmas decorations silver vases candlesticks stander small fir tree fairy lights vogelkafig

christmas humor cuddly pillow cover living

christmas light string deco lounge candles candy canes

christmas living room deco red pillow as snowflake

christmas window decoration living room bright star

living christmas christmas tree light string of garland

living christmas deco silver white slope forming adventskranz

living christmas Scandinavian white gray

living room coffee table deco christmas candlestick flowers

living room deco christmas gifts christmas tree decorations

living room Scandinavian christmas white christmas tree decorations

living room window decoration red christmas candle holder christmas stars

small christmas tree decorations red gold traditionally

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weihnachtsdeko hallway stairs candlestick garland reindeer

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weihnachtsdeko white Scandinavian flair