Decorate Artist Bedroom

How many times have you visited the room of an artist and has been pleased with the decor of the environment. The writers, editors, artists, poets, musicians and painters are characterized by very special touch that allows them to recreate the more unusual scenarios.

Well today we present an interesting guide to decorate your bedroom with this original casual style and pleases both intellectuals. If you prefer other styles, you can see here some decorating ideas for bedrooms .

Artists Quarter
Although many people feel that the room of an artist always walks disorderly, in recent years an increased interest has been born to project that image as sophisticated and extravagant that found in the bedrooms of the creators.

There are many visual elements that we bring together to create this unique habitat intellectual circles. While the conventional style is marked by a large number of books, wooden tables and yellow lamps, this time we’ll bet for larger environments, with bright colors, spacious and according to your personality.

Take note, because these are the requirements to decorate the bedroom of an artist.

Decorate with books
Obviously the books are the most important supplement in any room artist. You need to rearrange the books are not all over the bedroom. Find a suitable space that allows you to look for a better view of your library. You can create divisions by categories.

Decorating with paintings
The abstract paintings are a must in your bedroom for a simple reason: they express our desires, tastes and perspectives. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then you should try to find the painting that you collect your tendencies, ideologies and passions.

Depending on the space you have in your bedroom, you can create a puzzle with a collection of paintings of an artist or different works of the same style.

Designer Rugs
The carpets are very convenient for finishing decoration. Typically, the color and the material to be combined with all the previously set have acclimated. Be sure to mix colors correctly and take advantage of open spaces to generate that feeling of creative freedom.

Vintage Armchair
They say it yet timeless classic. An old chair can connote a concept of knowledge, wisdom and experience. But it is not looking for any chair, it is best to choose one that suits your personality and where we can sit and meditate.

You see, decorating a room artist is not so difficult. There are elements that every creator has present in his room. Keep them in mind and decorate your own room with our ideas.