Decorate beach houses

Unless you live by the sea, beach houses decorate not require as much dedication as decorate our home, where we spent most of the year.Moreover, some beach houses and apartments aim to comfort and functionality, as many of us are not fortunate to have large spaces and spectacular mansions … But who does not like to see your house or apartment by the sea with a charming decor?


The main thing to consider is the location of the rooms, whether it be a house or townhouse, villa with garden or an apartment. There will always be shady and cool areas more and more areas with more light and warm. In the most luminous or hot areas, you can opt for cool colors, thicker curtains or opaque fabrics or carpets, combined with neutral colors and lighter fabrics. In the more shady areas, a good choice is the combined neutral colors with splashes of warm colors to add pizzazz, and lighter fabrics in shades that allow the passage of light.


To decorate houses on the beach is always ideal balance, without excessive decoration nor too simple. Normally, beach houses and rentals are usually therefore we must consider the fact get amplitude for comfort. To do this, there are functional furniture that save space. The use of indirect lighting and wall sconces, floor lamps or halogen or table, get the stays do not seem as “drowned”, also providing a sense of height.
As decorative styles, the Mediterranean is a sure hit, but we can also choose decorating styles rustic, Provencal … all depends on your taste and your budget! And although usually in photos beach houses almost always impose neutral tones in order to achieve a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity increase leverage or to decorate houses on the beach there is no reason to give color.

This is a good example of decorative balance. This room is actually very bright. Therefore, the ceiling and the walls are painted in white and cream. To break the monotony from monochromatic white, furniture and decorative objects play with cool-blue, pink, gray and green-wood flooring also contrasts with much whiteness, getting a friendly atmosphere. Halogen ceiling lights provide up to the room, but the ceiling would be too bland if not for the ceiling fan, in addition to fulfilling its function, is an ornament.


Traditional Living Room by Jenkintown Architects & Designers Asher Associates Architects
This is another example of decorative balance. The curtains, base color with amber tone and red print and bandeau, combine with cushions and table lamps. Moreover, the white couches and walls, enhance the brightness receiving stay. The lights are indirect, which adds height to the room.


The cabinet and sideboard in colors like wood, break the monotony of white and combined with decorative objects. The vases in playing with maroon color of the picture frame. Not exactly a perfect mix, because the picture frame should belong to the same color palette of other woods, adding a deeper tone, but overall this is a good example of how to decorate beach houses can also be use elegance, without losing functionality.


In the previous post we discussed the issue of decorating the windows of your home . This room does not get enough light so they opted for a patterned curtains and matching bandeau with lace curtains, bed headboards are not image-and bedside table, contemporary style.


A bright room that you can afford to dress your windows with curtains and more opaque and patterned curtains. In this room, the pattern of the curtains playing with print bedspreads. The headboards and nightstand are Provencal style Tiffany lamp and adds color to the white walls.

A small but very functional kitchen. Not receiving enough light, door and window with curtains dress. The kitchen cabinets are perfectly integrated with white materials resistant to moisture.