Decorate Easter eggs with wax – guide & ideas for patterns

Are no limits to the dyeing and decorating decorating the Easter eggs now really. Basically everything can be used, what comes to mind. Colors can be made or purchased, you get pretty decorations with natural materials, paper, beads, glitter, and other things. The variant in which you can decorate Easter eggs with wax is particularly popular.

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If you want to decorate Easter eggs with wax, are two variants available. The technique, in which the egg before diving into the color “is painted with wax” is the most famous. After dyeing, the wax is rubbed off so pretty patterns remain. The wax may also like to remain on the egg. If you use colored wax, pretty decorations can occur especially in this way. If you are decorating Easter eggs this way with wax, you will also receive an interesting 3D effect.

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Want to try the idea now so once and decorate your Easter eggs with wax, you need either tools, specifically used for fine decorations on the eggs and can be purchased. But take items on hand that you already have in the budget, or. The wax is offered as well in handicraft shops. Alternatively, you can chop even crayons or colored candles and then melt, so that you can decorate Easter eggs with wax. You can decide that.

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Otherwise, you will need the following things so that you can decorate Easter eggs with wax.
-large potato or glass with sand
-old tablespoons
-boiled eggs
-Needle with plastic head
-Wooden skewer, PIN or Quills (best pigeon feathers)
-Colors for the eggs

decorate eggs wax crayons colorful design handwork

Got all the things, you can decorate Easter eggs almost with the wax begin. Prepare but your workplace. The potato cut in half and place the smooth side on the table. Alternatively, as already mentioned, can place a glass with sand. There, you then plug the spoon, turn to 90 degrees, so you can put the wax.

Then make a candle under the spoon. The distance should be small enough so that it adequately heated spoon and can melt the wax. Yet the needle at the end, into the PIN and can get started with and decorate Easter eggs with wax.

With the Easter eggs to decorate with wax on the still white or brown eggs begin or but the egg before pale color. Dip the needle, in the liquid wax and already, you can begin to make the eggs. Keep in mind that the wax sets very quickly. A tuhige hand is required. Error should be avoided. Once wax landed on the egg, it can take any color at this point.

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If you decorate Easter eggs with wax you can customise it with different colors. After the first patterns you dive it just into the next darker color. Then add back any patterns, dip the egg into the next darker color and so on. You’re done, you can remove the wax, but don’t have to. Here is it so you, whichever variant you choose, if you decorate Easter eggs with wax. To remove, you can use a knife and scrape off the wax. Hold the egg on the candle to warm it slightly, then wipe off the remaining wax with a napkin, paper towels or a dry cloth.

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Like you can mark, before you go ahead and decorate Easter eggs with wax, the desired patterns and motifs with a pencil. This facilitates the decorating later with the wax. This is a Variant, which is then well suited when you want to let the wax on the egg or choose a very dark end color. Otherwise the pencil will be later. Instead of the above mentioned potatoes or jars with sand, you can also like here to see use a muffin dish and a grill to melt the wax. So, you can decorate easier several colors to the Easter eggs with wax.

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Place no value on overly precise trimmings or want to spend just a fun afternoon with your children, using no special tools or the above mentioned techniques, but ordinary wax crayons. Use here but still-warm eggs. The crayons melt due to the heat of the eggs and are so beautifully decorate the Easter eggs with wax. It must be a complicated decoration not equal if you want to decorate Easter eggs with wax. A simple dot pattern looks just as beautiful and can be implemented also by your children. The eggs affect these playful and make the table especially sympathetic.

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Bold colors of wax is suitable for such great designs. And as you can see, must be the motives not necessarily expensive or but cover the whole egg, if you decorate Easter eggs with wax. Also more subtle patterns look great. You can make fine lines by using the top page of a needle if you decorate Easter eggs with wax. It particularly elegant and stunning patterns. To use it each year on the new, redesigned eggs been puffed .

eggs wax decorate ornate linine purple pink 3D optics

Also such a pattern is quickly and easily done and is suitable as an inspiration for your children. Whether in natural colors as shown here or from a mix of different nuances, you can get great designs, if in this way to decorate Easter eggs with wax. Here you see again how attractive eggs work, when the wax is not removed. Especially wax in a bold color looks very impressive. But also pastels can have a great effect and go wonderfully with a romantic or shabby decoration for Easter. Consider it so, if you decorate Easter eggs with wax.

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