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The children’s bedrooms are provided to splurge imagination in its decoration, and can make them magical places that girls adore. Is your corner to themselves and we will turn it into something special. So get your inner girl and notes. In We give you ideas to surprise your little girl. Forget the pink walls and Disney princesses. Choose a less known , or center yourself in different details. The first will be the colors that dominate. If you want color painting walls, look for a cheerful like yellow, orange or turquoise, but think of the whole set. Same with a single partition is sufficient or can make it better by combining two colors.

Dorm Room Accessories

The main element of the room is going to be the bed, so turn it into the spotlight. Look for a structure with single columns, beautiful wrought iron headboard or placed on the roof mosquito netting tulle. The latter can sew stars, fabric flowers, or shells. Also a few simple colored pompoms.

Hang from the ceiling several paper lanterns of different shades and sizes, put some vinyl on the doors of the cabinet, or a small sofa where you can sit and play. Coordinates with furniture fabrics and keep in mind your tastes. With a little imagination you can turn your room at the bottom of the sea, forest fairy, a princess castle or space. I’m sure your daughter just thrilled!

Today real estate companies increasingly build homes and minidepartments small, and therefore the bedrooms are also very small, even to be less than 9m2.
I have received many questions about what to do with a small bedroom? How to decorate a room too small?
Here are some suggestions and examples of decoration, which could be the solution to the small room to have a small but really cozy space:

1. What color to paint a small bedroom?
I suggest painting the whole room in white or ivory (white with a touch of cream), to enlarge the space and light. When you paint the walls white, then anything can happen according to your creativity, because the colors are the days on accessories like cushions, pictures, bedspreads, etc.. To give the illusion of more space, it is best to avoid strong contrasts of color, but if you still want your favorite color on the wall, it is then only the back wall facing the header for that deep. If you choose a dark color on one of the walls, you must have very good lighting in your bedroom.

Two. Are there effects or tricks to stop enlarge the room? What is often used in very small rooms?
– For me, basic large floor to ceiling mirror to double the size of the room. But it must be placed in position and right actions, but be ugly. This is important to see: “MIRRORS IN THE BEDROOM LOCATED WELL”. Also the shelves with mirror at the bottom to a depth effect, as seen in the picture.
– Use furniture Shorties, almost glued to the floor, that makes your bedroom look bigger and higher ceilings.
– The very large murals in the right place are perfect for small bedrooms, because they make the bedroom getting depth will be enlarged according to the photo that has the mural.

– If your room does not have windows you can put curtains instead of the door, to create an effect of windows when you close your room. Similarly, if your bedroom is small and no door, instead of door you can put curtains.

Three. Furniture for small spaces or mini bedrooms:
– More and more inventions come out and furniture that help us save space at home, so, if your bedroom is small, use furniture designed to save space in small apartments.

– If your room is small, use a small bed and takes advantage of the space under the bed, choosing a bed with drawers below, a couch instead of a traditional box spring, or by placing special boxes to organize blankets, sheets and other below bed.

– If you put furniture such as bedside tables, try to fill the space, we see the image as bedside changing to a more wide that reaches the wall, gives the feeling that the room is wider .

– If your roof is not very low, use the loft bed, the bottom bunks have a desk or folding beds, help you get more space to decorate a very small room. There is furniture that use space systems to cover cabinets or desk back, and put the bed outside this structure.


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