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If this weekend (or will soon) have a party at home and want to surprise your guests with a different and original decor, take note of the ideas that have made ​​A beautiful mess , as we have seen we have happy.Decorate a party Whenever we focus on the most watched: entrance, table and wall decoration bigger, so to speak. But really small details are the ones that can make a difference, so you should not forget anything and decorate the tops and in this party.You can make your own decorations for the tops with fabrics, ribbons, pompoms, yarn or even paper. Let your imagination and make accessories as original as these.Details that will surprise everyone and give the party a personal touch.

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 How to decorate plastic cups for a party
If you decide to put plastic cups at a party or a gathering of friends do not have to give up the glamor. Now SomosDeco we give you some ideas for decorating the plastic cups for a party and so look like a queen without sacrificing the convenience of this type of furniture.
WASHI TAPE DECORATE WITH GLASSES: A simple glass may be the sea ​​monkey using decorative tape. You have to do a sophisticated design with you put a strip surrounding each vessel will have an original decoration. If you use several colors of washi tape set will be more cheerful.
DECORATING GLASS PAINTING WITH SLATE: This idea is perfect for decorating a child’s birthday glasses. Draw a band in each glass paint with chalk board and write the name of each guest. So no one will lose his glass.
DECORATE VA SOS WITH FELT: Felt Some bands may be another option to decorate cups. You can just place them around the glass or make some embellishment. In the case of photography has cut a beautiful butterfly.
DECORATING GLASS WITH CROSS POINT: Why not? You can give a different touch vessels making a drawing with cross stitch. This technique is more suitable to decorate paper cups du ro , since the plastic to stick the needle break and it is possible that the liquid out. Which idea do you prefer?

Techniques for decorating drinks and cocktails
to decorate our drinks, you can use the following techniques:
– Crowning the tops: Before filling the cup, put on a plate 1/2 inch of lemon juice and then dip the mouth there cup or glass. Then pass by sugar (or salt in the case of daisy ). Alternatively you can create multiple colors using liquor instead of lemon.
– Fruit Peel: The skin or rinds of some fruits such as lemons are widely used for decoration. You should use the lemon peel, about 3 or 4 inches of the green part of it, twisting it before placing it inside the cup to give a bitter taste to the cocktail. A very striking decor is a spiral arm with all the zest of one lemon hanging on the edge of the cup. And for variety and we can use other colors such as orange peel, lime, etc.
– Orange Crescent or mint leaves: Another simple way to decorate is to cut a piece of orange crescent, then place it on the edge of the cup. Its bright color is associated with warmth and joy. The crescent is used can highlight and combine well with leaves Mint.
– Maraschino Cherries: You get ready
-made and can be used whole, halved, into small pieces into the preparation or as decoration glass or glass chosen even a toothpick joined by other decorative elements. Similarly olives can be used, depending on the drink they will be more apt than cherries. Usually the recipe is detailed to use.
– Colours: liquid colorants also provide interesting shades to decorate drinks. This can be used in several ways. For example, can be placed a few drops of the chosen color in the water which is prepared with ice. Once frozen, cubes have colors that can enhance the image of cocktails. You can also put the dye in syrup (simple syrup) and so sweetened and colored beverages.
– shakers, sticks and straws: In cocktail, these elements function as annexes especially for decorating cocktails, in addition to its basic function is allow or support decorative fruit revolver. Sticks or stirrers can be plastic or wood, and the former can be used multiple times, but you run the risk of changing a little taste of the drink.



Decorate glasses for party

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