Decorate home with designs in blue and white

The decoration of a house with the blue and white is striking. For example decorate the table with blue and white tablecloths, lounges with details of that color, as the designs Preppy .


to decor inspiration and so I have my “favorites” always on hand if, at some point, I did not visit the muses and inspiration fails me. Today, three images have gone straight to this folder that someday I will explain what it is and, as always, we bring them to “Less is More” Imagine that one day you have a beach house that you want and that you decorate exquisitely fails inspiration …. Come to “Less is More” Because today ….We go to the beach!

I always thought that the day to decorate my house on the beach, white, as always, will be the color that predominates in the rooms. I want the light flooding it all and who better than the white color to help me get it but also want the blue sea this also present so …. What you seem a living like this? I, of course, and ask the same one for my …

Imagine, hassle nights of drinks and gatherings, children jumping on a couch to another and, of course, naps in the afternoon with little light and a billowing white linen curtains flapping in the wind .

But of course, if we begin to decorate a house, for me, is almost as important or break a good corner so a room like this in my beach house … It would be welcome! Because well, I guess those mornings when the west rises the chilly hard and seizes the day and just think is great (and light) quilt blue and white stripes …

Now if the two previous images I liked, you can not imagine that gustito when I saw these wicker chairs with cushions and all …They treat! Any type peole Canos de Meca, Bologna or the like would be perfect to lay in the sun, listen to the sea and let go …also display the blue and white crockery View Images:


blue & white house decor