Decorate Home with The Sailor Style ?

No matter if you’re near the coast or in the mountains. The sailor style is refreshing and relaxing wherever you have your home. We show how to implement
You can not say that the sailor style is a novelty. Because actually taste the combination of blue and white, for reasons related to fishing and shells, boats and starfish, has been ‘life’.
And no wonder, because inevitably carry a continuous vacation paradise, where bright morning, and the afternoons warm breeze. So even though he never left again presents hard-and even more so in summer-style reminiscent of the sea and coastline, the ‘Navy’.


If you sign up and live very closely, do not think you need to have beach house. Even just a few kilometers. Simply imagination alive with love for the sea and coastal areas. Again your house inside and even (why not?) On the mountain.
For starters, remember you have to jump into unfettered use any shade of blue in combination with white. A foolproof way to do this is betting on white furniture with textiles (cotton, sailcloth, linen) Blue. Or with striped wallpaper in both colors for at least one wall of the room.

And do not forget to put some-remember that excesses are more-details sailors, as small boxes with shells, a panel with a world map, themed cushions ‘shorebirds’, a holder shaped like a lighthouse or a bookend with the silhouette of a shell … The possibilities are endless.
You can check on the Laura Ashley catalog. Because you have joined this renewed interest in issues of labor Sea Coastal. A collection in seeking to bring home to the relaxed essence of the sea.
We see it in your wallpapers and your tissues in blue plain, striped or plaid (ideal to make some curtains for the kitchen), in multiple hanger inhabited by many fishes that deal do not miss the keys, in line cups and mugs Southsea called Stripe. And in game three shell-shaped candles.


Obviously this is not the only company who has surrendered to love ‘coastal’. The shops Very Much presumed to have a good amount of home accessories inspired sailor style summer houses of the American East Coast.
In all stripped wood predominates in soft tones to give a point of calm and tranquility to our home. That’s the boat sculpture or fish. To us it seems very nice details the holder with a star seafood, or fish trimmings.


In the English Court have tended candles. The fish are shaped and star-shaped Tues But what caught our attention is a ball made ​​of shells. All these accessories add a touch to your home seaworthy and less than 6 €.
Meanwhile, in Parras Crafts lanterns have made ​​toasted beige metal, wicker baskets lined cotton fabric and adorned with ropes sailor, and gift boxes and cases for bottles of wine. A wise move if you want to wear this style wherever you go for dinner …