Decorate house with skins

If the search for original and innovative decorative accessories for our interior decoration has not ceased Perfect! Why I’ve run into one of the most original ideas and creative of all, the skins . The idea? Implement skins of different types and colors to complement the decor of the rooms and the rooms of your home. This is of course a different, peaceful, but anyway, will certainly achieve bring to any room or bedroom own personal style should always go out.

You up for this proposal?
How to decorate with skins?

To begin your decor with skins, you must first have well decided the style that you will choose to use. Forget the modern environmentalism , asymmetries, the avant-garde, and opts for a more Florentine decoration and classical. As for the skins, I support that are artificial, but of course the choice can go on their own.
On the other hand, you can use skins magnificent proposals sofas scattered all over the house, the floors, and you can even use old fur coats as a decoration, and simply place them on the back of a chair. I bet the effect is basically great and I would have never crossed my mind to think that with just an old winter coat, we can complement the decor of our living in such a way.

Decorating the bedroom
To use the skins as decorative appeal when thinking about the bedroom, you have to consider the idea of choosing a rustic style . The varnished wood go fantastically with skins, can give your home a more rustic appearance, and can very easily like the attractive and welcoming image of a cabin.

The other option left, it is important to opt for a light, is special in the walls , and use a large, warm comforter which complement the bed in the bedroom.

Decorating the living
The living room decorating ideas are even more varied, but anyway I think I am left with the most colorful and original proposal I found. The idea? Colored skins, raw, nude, complemented with strong contrasting hues.

You can see in the picture a lot of dusky, white, pink, and several types of textures and materials in the furniture. Meanwhile, the skins manage to be the perfect accessory to complement these attractive chairs.

Decorating the aisle
Even easier! The skins can be perfect for the carpets more attractive, novel, and innovative of all. You can place them in the bedroom, living room, and of course in the corridor from anywhere in the home to provide a touch of personal style to the interior decoration.

Ready! You have some interesting ideas to implement in your home if you are looking to change the traditional white by strong colors, textures choose, and use the skins as the most fundamental add in all your rooms.