Decorate small terraces and porches

However small, any well furnished and decorated space can become a real seating area to enjoy the outdoors. The porches and terraces are the spaces that we always have in our homes and that, once in them, do not want to ever leave. Here I leave some tips for decorating small terraces and tips for decorating the porch. Do not allow to be lost and turn them into the main point of interest for the sharing and general relaxation.


A comfortable and rustic porch
To maximize space while giving the porch a rustic style used benches. Often these are placed in the same color as the front which allows visual not occupy space while providing a greater number of places and tapped perimeters. To make mats typically used more comfortable and pads on the surface. These are perfectly combined with large seats, the most abundant are the teak, this is a very good wood for outdoor spaces .
The curtains for porches and terraces on the other hand are generally of canvas. This material is well appreciated as it is very easy to sanitize also does not suffer the ravages of the environment. The best choice for awnings are the acrylic that is much more durable, the PVC are ideal for wet areas and technical fabrics that reduce the heat because they have the characteristic of sweat. If the dimensions of these are very large engines used motion test and you will be very heavy and difficult to handle.

Small terraces
For the decoration of small terraces have to give up on the corners and leverage these few meters. What is essential in these spaces is creating nice places to be, especially in summer. The secret is to have tables and chairs plus light folding , such as those sometimes found in wrought iron and wood which just take up space. In addition, to give a sense of spaciousness, painted white facade, railing, window shutters as well as all elements that count, either clear or colored, so you get bigger the space visually.
Another solution is to link these spaces with interior rooms of the house clearing the walkways. In these cases usually employed sliding doors so that a space is the extension of the other. Besides crystals used in divisions you can not hide with curtains when you demand of a visual as wide.

Install a lattice is a very practical resource to gain in privacy on the terrace, especially if you use it as a skylight. To be light and strong at the same time, and does not deteriorate easily, you have to opt for a wood or metal. And if you want more decorative, not very dense and choose cover with climbing plants, you will see that making nice effect.

Many times we are able to have these spaces and many other nor employ as we should. What I can say is that, once you discover the best way to renew your deck or porch, you’ll feel right at home in these areas and do not want to even get out of there.