Decorate table with candles and shells

Good morning friends, today decorate the table with candles and shells! In the previous article I talked about how to create a very special place in the bathroom, also helping with these beautiful items. Today I get a little emotional and I add this centerpiece so romantic .. for all occasions you want and will arise.

Shell & Sand Decorating Ideas

A center that inspires magic, just by looking .. ideal for very special evenings .. the candlelight. I like that they used shells as decoration and also as candle holders .. All shells are used within a range of colors .. but it is true that differentiate the tones .. even to the white.

It is a centerpiece that conveys harmony .. since all items have a kind of tonal gradation. If you look, the only element that can draw a little attention or that contrast the blue plate.

To the left of the composition of the plate is blue, but not to break pastel harmony. The plate on the right, on the contrary, is white .. which combines perfectly with the rest of the postcard. Candles have been made, as seen in some shells, naturally .. adding paraffin and placing the wick.

But in other shells small candles have been added, these tealights. Only are consumed safely and without risk of fire! Some shells upside down make a nice drawing that adds more warmth and summer feeling to the whole.

Finally everything is framed in a beautiful pale pink tablecloth. As background looks pretty nice. Hope you like the idea and you may do something similar for special occasions or important appointments. Also perfect for events such as weddings, anniversaries and more. You can put a decoration themselves in all treat tables.


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