decorate the bathroom with cheap candles

In my house there are two kinds of candles, beautiful candles and cheap candles decorative and functional. And although according to the part of the house use one or the other, in the bathroom I have of these two types of candles.The bathroom is a wet room where there is sometimes undesirable aromas. Burning candles solve the two problems.

Woman Resting in Bath

So, in addition to beautiful and decorative candles in the bathroom need to always have to burn cheap candles often.
Until now those cheap candles to burn, which in my case is common and simple lower sails sails calls warmers, kept them in another part of the house. Every time I wanted to burn a candle in the bathroom, I had to get out of this and find the candles away from him.

But I’ve solved the problem of practical candles in the bathroom. I took advantage of one of the highest in the war that we had better also in decoration, unite and conquer.Lots of candles, simple, basic, inexpensive, simple, no style … can be decorative if the heap, making them a unique decorative element more and more presence.

The trick of attaching a bunch of small items to gain presence in decor is a very handy resource for decorating with collections, with groups of similar items or small objects that by themselves are lost in the decor.

Although to implement the technique of gathering objects without character or no style to “build” a major element that if you have, you can simply pile up all those objects or do the same but on a stand, a tray, a boat or plastic tub as I have done with my candles in my bathroom.

The hot plastic frame has served me for the whole of candles in my bathroom is a store Sephora , store that certainly still selling these decorative tubs for the bathroom.

Bathroom and Toilet Candles

bathroom with candles

bathroom_Scented Candles



-Bathroom-Design-with Candles-Pearl



decorate the bathroom with cheap candles

lavender scented candles