Decorate Home with Hearts

Yes, it is true that the date of Valentine has passed recently. But anyway, it’s never a bad time to decorate the home of a romantic! Who knows? Maybe yes occasionally needed a few rose petals scattered over the bed, or why not? Decorated with many hearts.

Courage! And pay attention to these few tips. Since today HogarTotal , will show you some interesting demonstrations so you know how to decorate the home with hearts of the most fun, original, and romantic as possible. Do you sign this proposal? Well I do!

Decorate the bathroom
Decorating the bathroom is not difficult, especially if you are looking to simply provide a romantic gesture that provides an instant smile. What is my proposal? A little heart (perhaps felt) stuck with a piece of tape to the sink faucet. Admittedly, this is an unexpected detail! Right?
Another of my proposals, you may decorate the bathroom fixtures. I do not know, maybe they go toothbrushes, perhaps the pasta, or why not hair brushes? It can be definitely a great idea, and I bet nobody, but Nobody! Expect to see adorable hearts with toothbrushes.

Decorate the door
you can also decorate the doors of your home! Y. .. How about this idea? Just a little heart in the center of the door latch, and Ready! Already have a lovely romantic and handsome detail that will be difficult to forget.

Decorate your computer
Do not forget also decorate home accessories. Maybe the furniture, vessels, and to the computer that we use every day! You can put little hearts on the lid of your laptop and make a nice decoration on your desktop, simply placing a small and insignificant heart.

Decorate your logbook
You definitely have a notebook at home, For even decorate! Put a little heart in some of its leaves, and now you can make a romantic note to your significant other! Ingenious idea right?

Decorate your car keys
Finally, and although this recommendation may not have any relationship with the home, I could not stop mentioning it. Put a little heart into one of the keys to the car, and surprise your partner with a nice touch when it has to use the vehicle. Magnificent! After all … It’s the details that make the difference!

Ready! Feel like trying some of these romantic decorations? Well I recommend them! And remember that it’s never a bad time to surprise your partner with love details like these.

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