Decorate the house with stones

Any advice and a small gallery of images to decorate the house using objects very common but very versatile, not bought, they are found in nature and are therefore economically efficient and environmentally stones.

Decorating With Nature

Decoration flavor zen
There is nothing more natural, organic and primal that decorate home using rocks and stones . The stones, in particular, are offered to us by nature in the form smooth and rounded, almost as if they were created on purpose to allow us to use them as decorative elements.

Used in groups in the case of smaller sizes or alone in the case of larger stones in the house because they always have. Here are some tips and some ideas for using them in the best and most creative of ways.

On the shelves, to furnish
The stones are perfect to be placed on the bulletin boards or on the shelves, either alone or in small groups, and they are great can also be used as bookends. Obviously there is no stone equal to another, and we can therefore sbizzarrire combining different shapes and colors, according to our taste and inspiration of the moment.

Stones that become art
To create artistic compositions with stones often need are a bit ‘of glue and a bit of skill. Arrange them in a frame, for example, will create an artistic effect immediately, as well as occasionally required only alongside several large rocks to get a sculptural look that goes well with the decor a little ‘ ethnic or zen .

In the vessels, to hide the earth
Put the stones, white or gray colored, plants in pots is the best way to keep the land forever in its place, especially if there are animals in the house, and to water without running water creates muddy splashes. Aside from the practical aspect, the vases decorated with stones are also the most beautiful and ordered to be seen.

As a doorstop, of course.
The doorstop is one of the oldest professions of the stones of medium and large size, it even seems like they were created on purpose!

In plain sight
Riempure of clear vases with beautiful smooth stones of different shapes and colors, it is a way to create an elegant decoration, chic and at no cost, which gives the house a touch a bit ‘zen that never hurts.

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Decorate the house with stones

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