Decorate the walls with wool

Good morning friends, today I leave you with this space decorated with wool on the wall. And this product you can get from many colors, only serves to make scarves or sweaters.If you like the wool and the color so beautiful and cheerful giving stays, dare to decorate with it .. arise because it works most beautiful.


Today, for example, I leave you with this stay where you can see how they have decorated an empty wall using wool. This time they made letters with the wires, but you can make the motif that you like .. from figures, characters, shapes .. what you like.

This will depend on where you go to decorate, for example if it is a child’s room can put a sentence loving .. You can also make a star, a square, symbols or whatever you like.
It is easy to decorate with wool, as it gives many possibilities. Both paintings, or wall look great.
You can check the picture that I leave. It’s easy and not have to know how to draw, because irregular shapes will also be perfect.
In addition you can also do a mold for both letters, as for other drawings.
If you want to learn, here I leave some steps to help you empty wall you have at home.
It is also easy to remove, if one day you want to change this decoration. The first thing you have to do is provide you with nails and a hammer.
Then grab some coils of thread or yarn that you like .. remember you can do it in one or more colors.
Trace lightly with a pencil, drawing or letters you want .. either freehand or with a mold.
Then go digging, using the hammer, nails outlining the entire drawing. Then you just have to add the strings you want, and you’ll see .

The paint or wallpaper are not the only options for decorating walls. There are many other ideas, especially suitable if you hide partitions or walls deviated slightly imperfect , or simply to create a different space more welcoming or more edgy. This is different coatings often provide extra insulation.

Panelados , modular systems for fixing to wall flooring, new wall tiles, low thickness, faces of faux stone … All these options allow you to customize the spaces without painting or wallpapering. Often they are simple to put on, since the rise of DIY is encouraging manufacturers to bring to market fixing systems much easier.

WALLS paneled
The paneling of wood or PVC imitations are a great option to cover the walls in the rooms of children, for more welcoming spaces, from the living room to a hall, kitchens office in the attic or bedroom. They are simple to install and have the added benefit of acting as acoustic and thermal insulation. They are usually installed with vertical slats, although some wider models are installed horizontally.

Wooden panels . They are the natural colors classic friezes, stained or lacquered in white or cream. The latest trends indicate tones, slightly worn, they look old. The natives can wax, varnish or stain in any color. Its advantages are associated with wood: in general, are more warm and welcoming, absorb and expel moisture without condense. And its drawbacks, as does aging timber: with the passage of time and sunlight oscurecen.Precios: from 5-10 € / m2.

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Decorate the walls with wool

Decorate the walls with wool idea

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