Decorate traffic areas in your home

With a little open-minded and willing to look for inspiration in the most unlikely places imagination, we can get to make our home one of those places where every step, we crave as a visit to a delicate corner. A unique and original for making the way through areas a real trip to the different rooms of our home.


Among the most popular areas of the house are the corridors , the different ways we can decorate rooms without fear of lack of space due to, for example, a collection of small art films highlighting a particular area of the hall. If space permits, we can accompany this corner of a chair or puff that, in the future, we can serve as supplementary seating for our guests. Another option appeal to give life to the hallways and expand the visual space is that of the mirrors . Alone or together, the mirrors will give us light and space in the hallway, being perfect in any home decor functional. The colored , very useful to achieve the desired effects can be the perfect partner for any narrow hallway if you combine in walls, ceiling and adjoining rooms. A successful election in which we can opt for blue or green tones, for increased brightness in the room.

hallway storage

For wider aisles, we can opt for a restored antique furniture that serves us as comfortable , toilet or single -collected objects for our visits. An election in which houseplants or small decorative cactus will eventually complete the elegant attire of our passage area. Definitely a special place to break down the dividing wall and replace it with a wall of glass we gain in brightness in the room.


Modern Hallway decoration

Modern Hallway Lighting