Decorate wall with various colors

This room whose wall has been decorated with huge cuts of painting is a surprise to me.The salon of photography that inspired me to write today I found Skonahem , and proposes an interesting idea to combine several colors of paint on one wall with elegance.


Personally I love combining different colors of paint in one room, and even though I have dared to use up to two colors for a single wall, I did not realize you could combine up to four with such gusto.

After a long look at the picture, I’ve become convinced that the tricks to combine different colors of paint on a single wall in this case are several.

First, the colors chosen to decorate this wall are soft colors, well combined and harmonious colors, but at the same time in their whitish tones. This solves the potential problem of leadership among them.

Moreover, the colors of the rest of the furnishings and decor were chosen very neutral. Except the blue touch that brings the chair you see on the right of the picture, and the odd detail, the other pieces go unnoticed against the wall decorative value.

The third important detail to comment on this show, is the white line is left between color and wall color. It seems that, in addition to clearly separate the colors and bring an extra touch wall light, this serves to give a sense of balance, serenity and poise. Something that might seem difficult with so much color decorating.

I love this idea to decorate a wall. I think that finally we can say that it is possible to use more than one color not only to decorate textiles, furniture and accessories, but also to paint a single wall. What do you think?.







Wall-Interior-Room-Colors Wall-Interior-Room-many Colors