Decorate with original cushions

A few days ago I showed you a fantastic collection of original seats and ottomans that certainly was not wasted. The designs were amazing, inspired by all kinds of hobbies. But if you think a beanbag chair or sofa in this style is too much for your d├ęcor, and yet you are looking forward to a fun or offender, then you have an ace up its sleeve: the cushions.


The huge variety of original pads available, both in stores “real” and online, you will bring that detail your decorating fun without suffer. One option is to buy them, but remember that you can also make.

The most unexpected designs
In these pictures I show different patterns each more original, that I can be an inspiration. The cushions that replicate cameras can also find them in the online store Woouf, of which I spoke in the article of the poufs. But they are not the only option: as you can see there is everything. Since computer keys in XXL-up fabrics decorated with classic symbols of the French deck … Numbers included. There also cushions these forms such as fun, imitating a tree or the vinyl lifetime.

Ideas for
Of course, those whom you like crafts and the work can make your own cushions. With fabrics like colored felt beautiful designs can be achieved, with all kinds of shapes and highly customized. Another option is to print a photo of a screen printing shop (of which customized t) in a durable fabric and then make the cushions, or maybe paint them yourself with special paints for fabric. Then I leave a gallery of images full of charm that inspires you more fun in ideas. Sure that you find one that you like!

bedroom cushions



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