Decorate with Painted Paper

Continuing paragraph to decorate walls , today we want to show an action of the most shocking, practical and aesthetic: the wallpaper .All you need is a completely smooth (no gotelé please!) And removes impurities wall and dust for the glue grip it tightly (do not forget to give a primer to the wall you are fully prepared), and avoid the paper will soon launch installation. We also recommend that the model you choose has a vinyl composition, there are some who seem to give only cardboard and glue are already very wet and weak.

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Once seen the most technical part, we turn to the equally important when deciding the part of the design . If you visit a store where selling can check the amount of catalogs there (do not be alarmed if you see many time try to go to the shops and all will see). There are all sorts of colors, patterns, shapes, textures, with drawings for children, faux materials (brick type stones, metals, etc..) With animal print, font and even moldings that mimic real plaster or wood. Can also be found in dull version with glitter or embossed finishes that blend both. Within decorative styles include them all, classic, retro, pop, vintage, contemporary, shabby chic, rustic, etc.. There is certainly a wallpaper for every personality, and there is design for everyone.

Paper lantern

When you have decided on the model we have to think in interior decoration as a whole: If for example you go to put it in the living room, think about whether you want to wallpaper every wall (this way of decorating must be careful because you can load much the environment, better than wallpaper is a soft tone and a bit flashy) pattern a single wall or if you are installing on a pedestal in a niche or framed with a volume of drywall or plaster.

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As we leave an inspiration to decorate photos with this material. Hope you like and help to provide a return to the decor  of your home .

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