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The rainbow is one of the most beautiful works of nature and within interior also is a gorgeous subject to breathe life and color environments. There are many stories and legends that tell the origin of the rainbow This smaller children’s full of hope! That’s why this is a very chosen theme for decorating children’s rooms.


Usually when we think of combining three or more colors , which usually occurs in children’s rooms, it becomes very difficult to get a balanced and harmonious decor. But implementing the rainbow theme is a very good solution. Just as we see in this first photo, smaller children will love the idea of decorating their bedrooms with a rainbow. We know that if there’s anything they dislike to these babies is rain. These days of bad weather does not allow you to play outside and usually sulk. That’s why I remain in awe of this proposal, with the rainbow indicates the end of the rain and at least know that in ” his world “this may no longer be present. Young children do not use the room only for sleeping, but they make it a place where they spend several hours a day.

That’s why decorating children’s spaces should not be for rest and relaxation, but must be capable of sleep, it is important to count with this colorful and lively that fill with energy . In this case we have chosen to decorate the room by painting the walls and floor in colored white, so as to give all the attention to adhesive vinyl design rainbow that decorates the headboard wall. The rest of the furniture are also sets the tone of the rainbow, with colored circles that do combine perfectly.

The vinyl stickers are the best way to include rainbow decoration. These come in a myriad of designs and you can even request your custom designs. Among other advantages, the vinyls are easy to install and decorations for children mean no danger or risk to toddlers. No matter if the decor is not super colorful, here on previous child also see another room painted in blue – pretending to be a heaven – with a vinyl sticker with rainbow design between two clouds.

Beautiful! Rainbows can also be included in modern decorations. Here is a decoration of a flat almost complete with a rainbow that does not follow the traditional way, but who walks around the living room wall and ceiling and then continues to the room. All decoration is complemented by bright colors like orange, yellow and green, in order to maintain the balance with the rainbow, and the walls and the floor keeps a combination of white with neutral beige. A proposal to decorate also acertadísima youthful style floors .

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