Decorate Your Apartment with Yellow and Black

A design for an apartment with floor area of 70m2 (for a 2+2 family) was a challenge, mainly because of the small surface.For the investor, ergonomics was important, as well as to make the apartment have character and not to make it boring.Hallway, living room and kitchen (39,5 m2) have been designed in black and white colours, with vivid, yellow accessories – in greater or smaller quantity. The floor area of the apartment is not big, therefore in the day section, there is a predominance of bright colours and optically-enhancing mirrors.The living room design was supplemented with bathroom and small toilet, which are mainly black and white – yellow is an accessory, which can be changed easily if it becomes boring.


The project of this apartment was redesigned following the critics of its modern minded owners. The principal focus being that it was ergonomic. This was an important and difficult challenge for Wamhouse due to the reduced space of the apartment; they had to give it character so it would not be just another boring residence in the course of time. The colours they used were warm and inviting mainly white and black with touches of yellow depending on the areas, this mix of colours matched with those of the furniture gives the sensation of light heartedness and a sense of harmony and equilibrium. The result being a family apartment with character, functional and with style. Not forgetting the design furniture and compliments and the overall project in itself. They certainly got it right.