Decorate your child’s room with different themes

When it comes to designing a child’s bedroom, your son is the best source of inspiration. You know what he likes, so use these themes to create an atmosphere.You can choose something as specific as an individual sport, like baseball, or as broad and inclusive as the outdoors, then bring it to life with bedding, wall art, decorative paintings and screens.

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Make sure the room is so easily lends itself to fun as it does to relax, and your child will end up spending a lot of time there with friends, dreaming of adventures, games and creating thing that strikes your imagination .

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How to Choose the Topic
If dinosaurs, dogs, Star Wars or football, your child’s favorite activities and interests can provide immediate theme for your bedroom. Pick one thing – as a pattern book, a picture or fabric – to set the focus, and work from there. Personal collections can inspire decor frame, like an object esteemed as a baseball memories.

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You could start with a wall mural of superheroes, a carpet-issue tickets or quilt that takes you to curtains, pillows and a shelf in complementary colors. Reinforce the theme with displays collectibles, accessories and art. Do not overlook the small details, handles, a watch or a painted toy chest can have great impact.

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Colors and Textures
Decide on a color palette is always fun, and this is another area that is very good for the satisfaction of his son. When choosing paint, remember that the color of the wall always looks darker than it does on a paint chip. If a strong color you choose, remember that use only the wall can add a lot of character to the room without overwhelming it.

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Bold patterns can add dimension and personality, if you are well suited to the leaves, window panes or decorative pillows. As you are making decisions, do not forget the benefits of l white. It is versatile, as it tends to make the space feel larger and brighter, and is a great way to balance the more active elements of the room.

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