Decorate your Clothing Store

Start the project of putting together your own clothing store is the realization of a dream come true, a very yours that lets you show through your creations, where you have much contact with people, and will establish new relationships for your personal life and professional. It’s a challenge which requires a lot of organization, and many strength and desire for everything to be perfect and on time. So one of the tasks in which we should be concerned is in the smallest details of the decoration and achieve that has the essence of our brand. So today I will give you some ideas for this.


The theme of your store
• Classic
As a publicist, and based on my short experience on brands, I tell them that the theme of the store is like the soul of the whole business. It is the central concept that will structure all that comes later. So we must think carefully about what we want to convey and how we differentiate ourselves from the rest.
For example, if your design has a certain wave feminine clothes but sophisticated, opt for a classic theme, and based on that begin to structure everything you do. Always taking into account your audience, for example, I imagine that this may be aimed at young women who work and / or study and seek fresh options but without losing elegance.

• Romantic
Alternatively, you can implement a much softer style: inspired by the trend of pastels and flowers always have a captive audience. The good thing is that people can be directed to adolescents and youth. In general, they have to create this feeling, from the way how we communicate to how they look.

• Sober
Another idea is based on something much more minimalist and sober, for if it is a clothing store for men and women executives. Here you have to care more elements to project planning to avoid overloading the concept and enjoyed the atmosphere, while still being very detailed and thorough.

• Modern
Another option to set new trends and fits perfect for independent designers are modern styles. The designs stand out as alternative and break with the established. To create this atmosphere similar geometric models are used robots and in bright colors or neutral.

• Glamorous
And for most fashionistas girls, one theme chic. They can choose to lighting and accessories like carpet-style “red carpet”. However, the most important thing to keep in mind that the concept should be based on all things that convey the elegant and exclusive, much to the Hollywood.

Store Atmosphere
• The Color
And to create all this sense, it is necessary to consider some design basics. For example, the color palette that will help us generate this feeling. Just as we saw in a previous post on how to choose the color and type of paint, the color wheel is essential. I recommend combining the opposites that complement and help highlight your decor.
They can also be guided by the trends of color who are in different related or inspired by their collections. So have a more solid basis for choosing colors that suit them and that they can last for more than a season or if they can change it every so often.

• The illumination
Another very important point is the lighting they use. So much better if you advise of a professional, but before that they have to have well defined the concept they want and see what will help them better communicate this.

As recommended Ana Casaverde, interior designer and blogger of the Gingerbread Man “(…) depend on the set you want to create, the key is global illumination and timely to emphasize a product.” For example, they can use natural light and artificial light to create an atmosphere without shade, something cold that will be perfect to project modernity.
They can also be illuminated by areas and directed, if they want to highlight certain parts of the store like clothing or some area used to display “the last thing we have launched.” It will create many shadows and give some mystery and texture to the environment through the shadows.

Another resource that can be used to generate a sophisticated and classic is the use of spiders, are too nice to give a special touch to our tents. You will find many models, colors and materials, even if they do not work will be perfect as decorative items. As we consider our specialist Nat Rocca, brand Tangle : “always brings a lot to this kind of business because decorates itself very well and draws the attention of customers.”

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