Decorate your Dressing

If you are a fashion lover, you love to have your clothing organized or want to redesign your room and included as part of the decorating a dressing room, this is for you.


In order to make your closet is a decent space to display and where you want to spend a good deal of time enjoying your wardrobes should take into account certain organization and design tips are going to give you.


Your dressing space should be bounded by areas for shoes, clothing and accessories separately, based on the size available and consistent with the range of use that give them. It is important that you have to look at as many options as possible because if you outside the visual range some pieces may not use as much as you want, choose the color and style of your dressing coordinating rugs, lamps (get lighting warm), mirror (full body) and furniture.


Get the most out of the walls to place your shoes for the day and night, handbags and accessories in separate sections and then if you have extra space to make it more cozy decorate. Be sure to include a stool to reach the higher reaches a comfortable armchair and a coffee table for a tea or coffee and a portable device to listen to music and make this space a pleasant place in which you spend the initial cause the day to plan your time optimizing your style.