Decorate your home with bright and appealing colors

There are many reasons to choose colors for your interiors, but what if you let your instincts guide for choosing the colors that you like simply indulge in change? It would be a fun way to turn color to your decor. Take note of these fantastic tones and give a new look to your room … We can not resist a color that reminds us of the sweet blend of strawberries and cream and not just because we dream victory for Andy Murray at Wimbledon.

Combine Colors In The Interior

Besides being a typical spring color and Live in itself is a very feminine and perfect for the whole of a room romantic style tone. In the photograph above shows a wall with Fired Earth tonality Eton Mess. With the arrival of summer the color pink reminds us of the delicious strawberry ice cream, perfect for your kitchen if you are looking for a retro style, and could be combined with a deeper and more sophisticated tone as this blue will give a contemporary feel to the place . Sea whichever color you choose, you keep a cool style using white for your combinations.

Bright Colors for Your Modern Interior

(The colors in the image are from the collection of Crown Paints, rosewood is called: Fairy Dust, Blue Sky Hight, and the darker pink: Cheeky Wink).
The color blackberry jam give a personal touch to any interior of your home. Try it if you want is to provide an opulent style to your bedroom set. Being an intense hue, it would be wise to combine it with a pale ground and / or neutral hue to the color scheme gives no sense of closure. It is ideal contrast to light violet dyes or warm gray. On the walls of photography have been used colors “Twilight Cinders 1” and “Lilac Springs 3”, both of Dulux.

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The yellow custard might seem too bold, even for the most enthusiastic, but not a base color but should be used for details contrast with the background. If I use this color in small doses, combined with blue and green, will bring a touch of warmth to your home. This Babouche yellow and other colors belong to Farrow & Ball.
Do you think that a white kitchen is too cold for your style? Why not employ the use of an orange hue on the furniture to give a joyful contrast? This combination will give the room an outgoing personality and if this is the boardroom of all household members, the energy released this color give the room the ideal place to start all your celebrations environment. This color is Orange Shaker signing Harvey Jones.

Cozy Color Schemes

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