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The Tuscan decor is characterized by a naturally warm, colorful, vibrant and refined comfort. You can try to evoke the characteristics of the decor of Tuscany . Decorating the house in Tuscan style do not have to forget about plants and flowers. You can use for example, both those that cut flowers in vases. If you care to give your home a touch of ministerial  , is recommended to use climbing plants. As far as decorations for walls , the ideal is to use modern paintings on canvas , mainly paintings representing landscapes Tuscan hills covered with vineyards and fields of sunflowers., with the following ideas:

Tuscan Walls Design Ideas

The use of stone is an important part in decorating with Tuscan rough surfaces carved in stone can give character to walls, floors or other surfaces. The furniture is always simple, unadorned, unpainted giving the impression of simplicity and elegance of a solid wood. Wood is, in fact, particularly important when it comes to decor of Tuscany as it is used in many different ways, not only furniture but also the floors, beams, paneling, doors, windows and other areas of the house using solid wood, unpainted. The natural finish of the wood is the most popular in Tuscan decor.

Although whites and creams also abound in Tuscan decor, warm colors and vibrant earth tones are also used, is that this is casually comfortable in this type of decoration, which take cover inside the gorgeous hues of nature . You can choose from colors such as browns, dark reds, deep greens, vibrant ocher, cream and white. These colors abound in this type of decoration!

These are typical colors placed in the villas of Tuscany, as well as the landscape. Flowers are another essential for decoration of Tuscany, these may be in boxes, windows, flower pots and planters. The fabrics used in Tuscan decorating usually simple and unadorned, but some flowers and lace details are used, the overall impression is that this is presented in a solid design and tidy. The rough textured natural materials are used frequently in this type of interior design. Often wood blinds or Roman blinds used as window coverings.

The wall finishes are also often roughly shaped, often used stucco as well as other types of textures for the walls. The use of terracotta tiles and is another important feature in Tuscan décor, the use of tiles are not only going to the wall, but in other areas of the house too. The red terracotta in turn imparts a warm and inviting style marked a nature.

Other material is iron, it is used in Tuscan decor to make it appear generally solid. Water is another design element that commonly appears in Tuscan decor, a fountain with a gentle stream of water in the yard, in the pool, can be used in creative ways to incorporate it into the decor scheme.

If you want your home takes a fresh and relaxing worthy of the beautiful hills of Tuscany, you can decorate your home with Tuscan-style drawing inspiration. The Tuscan style seeks inspiration in nature, combining the simplicity and the austere elegance. Here are a handful of tips to recreate a corner of Tuscany between the walls of your home.
When choosing colors from being given to those typical solar nature: different shades yellow, orange and even white as well as soft is the soft gray. In addition to paintings landscapes, it is advisable to use frames with flowers or stickers with motifs from nature.

A proposal that fits perfectly for those who want to enjoy a Tuscan climate between its walls is to use souvenirs from Tuscany, such as jars or small baskets with fresh fruit.


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