Decorate Your Lounge with Sofas and Armchairs

When space allows us to locate our home in the living room or the number of seats, deciding between two sofas, a sofa modulates r, sets 3 +2 sofa and armchairs or chaise longue can be a difficult decision. Depending on the design of the room, the square footage available, the need to define the spaces and you’ll use.

When we have a few meters, it is essential that larger furniture do not impede the passage or opening other furniture or windows. You can replace the chairs for a poof broad s that visually are lighter and you can provide extra space if they are hollow, multifunction type or after you provide a small folding bed for guests.

A corner shaped sofa is a suitable solution for small rooms or large it is well suited to the space and offer much seating surface. Two corner sofas are highly decorative but a little wasted space of the intersection between them. If that’s your choice, you can optimize the meters putting a extra table give you storage space you have shelves or drawers.

If we have a spacious, two sofas and a chair is a perfect choice. Study space and make a balanced composition. Do not forget that the situation of the seats must have a secondary objective, in addition to the purely decorative and functional: they allow or facilitate the conversation if all seats are occupied so that in the case of having several guests not necessary move all the furniture to interact.

With these tips, your imagination and a good study of the room will give the solution because, to put sofas and armchairs in the lounge, modern or classic, there are no rules.


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