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Although slow in coming, it seems that the good weather is here and with it, the desire to decorate our balcony to start enjoying our moments of relaxation. For very small, there is always a way to decorate that will fit our space. You just have to know how to use it better and finding the furniture ideal for that space.If what you have is a small balcony, a good idea to decorate this space is a small table and a couple of stools. If they are colored, to give more light and space to space, the better.If for what you use the outside balcony is to read and relax, another decorating idea is to introduce a couple of hammocks also be hung on the wall when we are not using and so, we will save space.If you are like teak furniture, you can find sets for small size terraces. A combination that usually look good is a pair of armchairs with a coffee table.

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Other details you should not escape spring decorating your deck are plants (the more the better), dishes and linens (patterned, turquoise, fuchsia and yellow are very trendy this season) and, of course, lighting.

In addition to decorating our deck lights that probably existed on the terrace, we can give a more personal touch with lanterns, paper lanterns that can be placed around the outside wall and candles. Definitely a touch of romance does not come bad than expected by many nights of terrace.The arrival of spring is always a renewal and irresistible urge to start walking in the garden, sit on the porch and enjoy the first warm welcome. These ideas will help you raise a decoration and a perfect distribution for getting more out of those areas.

One of the most bucolic and romantic solutions for seating areas in the garden are conservatories or orangeries, so common in European country houses, especially in Belgium, France and the UK. If this is fully glazed, enjoy views of the garden and are secured in the transition months of spring and autumn, being very nice to be inside because of the heat it provides. Not so much in summer, when temperatures are very strong, it must have a good ventilation system to allow a smooth flow of air. • Today, many companies engaged in carpentry windows can run their manufacture, which is usually attached or not the house. In UNOPIU or orangeries Maisons du Monde find kits to send you home and you can mount them yourself.

might not have the opportunity to enjoy a floored surface, or a pergola to halt the dog days, but if you have a garden, however small, any area near the front or secluded corner in the vegetation can become the ideal place to mount a seating area to enjoy the weather. • Not having a fixed structure or canopy that can protect us, we must find solutions to remove and place. Marine Candles are so fashionable to snag the facade and the ground and have fixed anchors to attach it when you get the warmer months. Then, in the cold, can be folded and stored conveniently in a trunk. The companies like Nesling find.

Another interesting option to mount an outdoor seating area is building a site hut or installing a large pergola at the end of the pool. A perfect idea for those with long and narrow, like the image. • Within that pergola or house work can be leveraged for a barbecue or outdoor kitchen and install around the room, and put the back to project some small changing rooms, very practical to use the pool without having to enter the house.

When decorating the outside must take into account the envelope, ie, coatings and finishes that frame the scene where you want to place a lounge on the porch or outdoor dining. In this case, the dominant ones were potent rustic pedestal table and rough stone,  iron railings, roofing hemp … When doses are so powerful hardiness should be lightened with fresh fun ideas like this to choose the chairs and dishes for diners in different colors and fun. • The seats are firm novelty UNOPIU presents for spring-summer . Capri model is aesthetic revival Tempo-test removable cushioned with exceptional tear resistance and anti-mildew properties, also unopiu.

outdoor salons must follow the same concept of the interior organization, prioritizing the dual purpose of functionality and comfort. The arrangement of sofas and armchairs mainly depend on the width that has the porch. As a general rule, that a porch is comfortable and fluid must have a minimum of 3 meters wide to place smoothly both a seating area and a dining room. • What elements are essential? One or two sofas 3 and 2 seater and two armchairs preferably. If the porch is very narrow the solution is a single sofa and a couple of chairs placed on both sides. 6 Trust in the textile sofas and sofa sets that are sold today to place abroad often have a very basic range of colors smooth and neutral: cream, beige, white, brown … To give it personality and character, with a touch that only you can give, try to fill it with cushions of different textures, prints, stripes, polka dots. Become a couch that goes unnoticed on a sofa is striking. That does seek to elect textiles are resistant to moisture or excessive wear that may cause the sun’s rays. • If you have an old bank that you do not get use, look great decorating it with mats and cushions of various kinds, such as that shown in the image.



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