Decorated with blocks of color, or color blocking

The use of “color blocks” or “color blocking” is common in fashion and it has moved to other areas of the design, such as graphic, and now the interior design. It is basically combine various parts or surfaces of different colors, especially smooth and intense tones.

Decorated with blocks of color (2)

The color blocking is a risky resource, since many times the colors can be combined together, but sometimes not, and it is not really the most important. If not that is give vitality to environments with vibrant colors in different elements. The aim is to create a lively, eye-catching and away from classic space.

Decorated with blocks of color (3)

The easiest way to implement this technique in your House is in furniture and textiles. Here there is an all-game”. A common resource is to use chairs of different colors. In a different tone sofa, and in another the cushions. Curtains should also stand out from the colour of the walls. And the carpets of vibrant shades in contrast with furniture.

If you dare to take risks, it is possible that you can paint the ceiling of a vibrant tone, in contrast to the walls. Otherwise you choose to paint one or two walls in colors other than the rest of the environment. You can certainly point out doors and windows in striking shades.

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If you fear that the result will be too colorful and it doesn’t go with your personality, paint the walls a neutral color, as white, soft chalk or sand, and applies the colors in furniture and accessories. Leave the more intense colors for smaller surfaces.