Decorating bathrooms Collections

Today we will see a number of modern bathrooms hand of one of the leading Italian companies in the sector bathrooms. The company Rexa Design is characterized by creating a global bathroom environments, these being highly functional spaces that give off character and distinction.

One of the hallmarks of the firm is the use of acrylic resin material to work with mastery. The detail and perfect finish of all the parts of space are other strengths of the firm.  It has a wide range of bathrooms, it can find all the elements necessary to create an elegant and distinguished. Today we will see some of their collections. The Fonte series, Hole, Ergo_Nomic and Wrap will be the protagonists of today’s article.
And let’s start with the first we have named collection Fonte bathrooms. This series shows a bathhouse that perfectly combine modern style with oriental touches. In it, besides the design, care is the fundamental function of a bathroom: take good care and achieve total relaxation.

I like the young and dynamic style of the elements of this collection of baths. This shows vitality and function space, two aspects that seem basic in this area of the house. The rounded lines give very interesting fluidity creations.

The collection consists Fonte Korakril hot (as we see can be installed in the center of the room or near the wall), sinks, countertops with integrated sinks and showers Corian , elm wood accessories, small banks, etc. . If you want more information about it can be found on the website of Rexa .
The Hole bathroom collection focuses on one of the main elements of this area of the house: water. This is the main protagonist and rotate it around the other elements of the bathroom.

The series comes from the idea of reinventing the concept of classical wells, ancient guardians of the water. The modern look that has made these traditional elements gives a special charm to the bathroom.

And as the elements are inspired bathrooms Hole wells, round shapes could not be anything other than the main protagonists. All creations in the series have very rounded shapes, almost cylindrical.