Decorating for New Year party

In this article I want to offer some ideas for decorating a party for the New Year , full of glamor and excitement! NOTE : This is a slightly old article, it is possible that some of the products listed below are sold out and / or discontinued and are no longer on our website. Anyway hope these ideas will serve as inspiration and in turn generate more ideas.transforms the room into a magical atmosphere with one of our funds night wall or wall backgrounds fireworks . Giant posters are 15m x 2m covering the walls of the room.


Inflate many latex balloons the colors gold, black and silver with helium, tied to their necks and slightly curled long ribbons of the same color and let them float to the ceiling, with ribbons falling to form a “rain” precious.
Create balloon bouquets colors of gold, black, silver and crystal. Ínflalos with helium and bring them together in groups of 6 or 8 around the room, fastened with small balances.Cut our strips stars in pieces of varying lengths and hang them from the ceiling for a very elegant waterfall effect.

Put Christmas lights around the room at the top of the wall – this has the effect of “extending” the room.Take golden streamers and silver around the room, at the table, on the doors, on the furniture, on floors, on the guests …
Create a stunning entrance with one or more of our bright shades .Create a magical atmosphere by placing our spiral decorated stars in the ceiling. Adorn the table and / or bar with golden confetti stars or silver for a sparkling effect.

Creates an elegant centerpiece with a black top hat upside . Fill it with a feather boa and many bright trumpets or balls, adding some gold beaded necklaces.

To add glamor and originality to the room, creates short chains of 6-8 inflating balloons golden chain balloons and tying them together. Between each balloon tie a golden streamers or pieces curly golden ribbon, or alternatively a gold tulle bows. These chains suspended from the ceiling with thumbtacks.Have many necklaces gold beads above the plants, furniture, doorknobs, guests …

Give a shocking twist to the table with a feather boas black color . Place them around the edge of the table and fasten them with pins or tape or glue to the edge of the tablecloth.










New Year party Decorating

new year party Decoration