Decorating ideas for a daughter’s room

Purple cuff-links, from textile to roses, curtains fairy, plush teddy bears… it smells familiar, no? Well, this is normal since these are elements typical for the decor of a daughter’s room. Today we will see how we can use some of these classical details in a contemporary and original room. The images below show eclectic styles obtained by the association of decorations in ancient to more modern objects, as well as atypical combinations of colors or patterns.

deco pink white girl's room

Each of the 12 rooms selected in this post is marked by particular emphasis: a wreath of multicolored lighting, a carpet with floral motifs, a chandelier pink by design shabby chic, vintage style Decorative cushions, ceiling painted in contrasting colours, a retro-chic mirror…Check out these suggestions and tap are the inspiration for the decor of your daughter’s room.

chandelier vintage romantic girl bedroom

coverage purple girl's room

deco girl's room wallpaper butterflies

deco wallpaper girl's room

geometric carpet maid

Green office chair maid

lighting soft colors girl's room

mirror girl's room deco silver

room decorations original child

room decorative flower girl cushions

vintage floral carpet design