Decorating Ideas for dark colored walls

Choose dark colored walls can be intimidating because many people believe that these shades are difficult to combine or are murky or asphyxiating. Undoubtedly, and never better, for the tastes and colors became priori, we should not rule out dark colored walls, because with them you can get different styles of decoration and even bring elegance and modernity to your rooms.


When it comes to dark colors, not referring only to the black, but all the colors in their muted tones: dark blue, green, brown, dark gray etc..

The first council that match almost every interior designers (with exceptions, of course), is to combine the dark colored walls in neutral colors, preferably white, very light gray or cream in ceilings, floors (floors) and even in other walls, warm colors also contributing. It all depends on your tastes, decorative style most appeals to you and the results you want to achieve.

If you dare to paint the walls dark colors because they know how to decorate your rooms or what effect you get, here are some tips and ideas:

Do not use dark colors in rooms that do not get enough natural light. As you can see from the pictures, all the rooms painted with dark colored walls are well lit. A good idea, if your rooms do not receive enough light to create prominent areas such as door frames and windows or furniture. You can also opt for dark colored walls at points of transition, such as hallways.

Use different types of artificial lighting for night your stay more comfortable, because dark colors obviously need more artificial lighting when natural light is not available. From ceiling lamps, floor lamps or table, led indirect lighting, halogen … You see the abundance of light points in multiple images, such as in this kitchen. If you do not want to risk painting all the walls dark colors, a great idea is to combine only a wall with the other walls in neutral colors, preferably white and gray or cream. Create contrasts with furniture, accessories and decorative objects. These contrasts can be decorative items, curtains and rugs and other accessories in colors and even gold or metallic colors, as you can see both in the picture above (the cushions and mirror) as in the following image, with gold and quilts and cushions silver. As you can see, there are plenty of lighting lamps and indirect lighting.

Stay fully painted dark colors can be cozy. Everything depends on the objects and accessories you choose. (In this picture there are plenty of pictures on the wall, because although decorators insist on highlighting the dark walls with paintings or other objects such as mirrors, excess is always tight … In all kinds of walls!  Contrary to what we believe, a small room with dark colored walls need not look further reduced. In the following image the combination of gray walls with white ceiling and wooden floors manage to create a cozy lounge, modern and more spacious than it actually is. Again, although the room receives good natural light, we see many points of light: Wall, ceiling lamp, halogen lamp.