Decorating ideas for hallway

The aisles are the forgotten home ! And that decorate walkways is not easy, especially when these areas are long, narrow and dark . That does not mean you have to give them as impossible and leave the halls poor hand of God (empty and blank), we can pull some tricks with matches hallways, or how to at least make them welcoming.


There are very common ideas in decorating halls , such as the use of mirrors to harness what little light there or decorate them with photos for certain homey feel. This is basic ideas, but always work , so they resort to shameless . In addition, today I want to make other proposals to decorate the halls like a beloved part over our house.


Let 5 good ideas that will help usĀ  in our hallways !
On the cover we see a hallway very original and daring , which certainly prop0ne good ideas for decorating, though perhaps not dare to use them all. The contrast between black and white, giving prominence to the latter in a dark room that is also causes a dramatic effect and it works. Furthermore, it is a success, to compensate, have a glass door, it allows the passage of light from the living room. Other ideas to copy is the use of storage space on the door, and the photo gallery taking every inch of wall. Combine wallpaper and moldings with ceiling color is only suitable for the bravest.


Furniture in the narrow corridor
When decorating a narrow corridor, it is best to go for narrow furniture. A console like the picture above, high, narrow and light, gives a different touch to the hallway, without cluttering the space.


Entry hall
I like the upstairs hallway, modern and practical at the same time. Corner makes the hall is utilized to add decorative accents, as the mannequin or the original lamp. The walls are used with sheets, posters and mirrors, and (best of all) with transparent shelves, visually light but very practical. .. If you’re one of those that has a larger collection of books home, why not also use them to decorate hallways?


Storage hall
There are cases where the hallways end in a kind of stalemate, leaving the doors before the end of the hallway. In these cases the end of the hall can serve as a small store with shelves, benches or furniture that range from side to side across the width of the corridor. Carpets are another staple to add warmth to the halls!


Hall with plants
Decorate with plants hallways is not always possible (when very dark condemn the plants to certain death), but it is an option to consider. In the picture above the natural look is completed with accessories such bamboo and rattan mats.


hallway storage








Modern Hallway decoration