Decorating rooms perfect female

Is there a perfect for decorating rooms ? What is the measure of perfection? I think there is. Perfection is linked to adaptation to life, at least at home. What is perfect for one person does not have to be for the other, right?

What I do I can assure you that there is perfect allies in the decoration. They can be anywhere, regardless of the decorative style that proveas. But today vermos as decorative elements puenden be ideal for decorating female.

Femininity everywhere
Customize the space according to the needs of each person is perfect will, no doubt. The girls, like me, we like spaces decorated down to the smallest detail. In classrooms specifically can not miss a group of functions that we used to do everything. So we need living areas , space to read, work or relax, to feel in the most divine place, done for us and for us.
Decoration female environments

Colors in the decoration
The girls need an environment on their own, but also current. In these environments the pinks, purples, oranges, reds are the protagonists. Pink tones you can combine with cool blue and running environment for you. However, as both apparently changed, I recommend you do a space basically neutral colors on walls and ceiling and floor and be your furniture and accessories always protagonists.

Furniture to decorate rooms
A good idea, this is starting to focus attention on the sofa , so you should use some color so emphatic that the rest area even more noticeable. Complement your living room with a coffee table , which, if you have drawers or storage space, the better, because you can put your blankets, books or other items of daily use. If desired, place it against the couch or other furniture depending on the size and thus will also serve as footrests.

Using textures
They can not miss in your space the decor with textures . The graphs make a space and in this case, your living room, a more attractive and thought to detail. Applies them to mainly textiles. I advise on curtains , cushions, upholstered walls and some areas in blankets.

Essential in decorating rooms is a female decorative mirror . The more the better. The large round walls and used much serve as decoration as well as the functional box that result.

Lighting and colors to decorate
Do not lose sight of the type of lighting to decorate . Recreate it in general, but about having a particular lighting points, so you can create romantic scenes or when you want more privacy.