Decorating rooms with recycled windows

Reuse items you have at home is a great way to redecorate the rooms without spending and leverage what we already have and did not know how to use. Let’s see how to decorate with recycled windows environments and achieve amazing visual effects that completely change the look of any room.


The idea that we bring you today will allow you take advantage of old windows for a personal and eye-catching touch to any space you want. If you overran some windows of a previous work, or saw some on a dime that captivated you, and how you use them.

Your walls can easily be renewed if the frames hang decoratively a window , as if they were paintings. This will give character and originality to your walls. You can use them as is, regardless of the paint, this will give character to the wall.
The frames form a point of attraction will be enhanced by the elements to put around him. You can even play with the location of objects in front of the window frame, like a three-dimensional box conformaras. If you move the frame to the height of a table and place it in this one lamp or plant , can have the effect as if it were the picture of a plant or lamp.
Another option is to use the window frame with paneled frame as a mirror , getting an interesting effect.
If you take a little skill you can give more uses, creating room dividers, separating elements or enclosure. You can also redecorate frames by placing lights or other decorations you can think of. Surely you will achieve a striking change in the room where the ubiques.