Decorating small foyer very well organized

have a small hall ? Did not fit coats and backpacks of children? Need a storage space for all these things? Well aware of this post where you are going to see that although the minimal space we have everything well organized . Backpacks, keys, bags, umbrellas and all items that are needed or that their place is the hall or foyer so they are not scattered throughout the house.We just need a blank wall, you have five feet wide for our proposed organization.The key to success of this project is in the two series towel grundtal Ikea . If you thought that these elements only served for the kitchen or the bathroom, you see you were very wrong.

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They can hang their backpacks, coats, dog leash, bags, hanging shelves to store everything you need and much more. Between the two towel rails drawers has been a very useful horizontally to hold keys, to make empty pockets etc..And ending the last detail to complete this successful entrance hall is the cork wall where you can leave notes for when we go do not forget important things, or paste shopping list, schedule of children from school, etc.As you can see with a little imagination, distribution and materials needed, it has created a perfectly organized and distributed space to store everything you need in a very small hall.

When we have a small space to decorate , we start with some ideas that are key. For example, when it is a small lobby , especially if you have no natural light , the colors should be very, very clear, if not just white. While light colors are ideal, we see today that you can be very creative in the use of techniques and colors, so you can use even the color black to get a very positive impact upon entering the floor or small house.

Achieving the contrast
A very interesting resource to use the color black, is stop turned into slate wall , using the right paint for this purpose. The wall chosen must necessarily be small. We will use a large mirror that we will paint the frame pure white . If no frame, then get to work, because it is key that cutting the black white. In fact it is very important to be a wide frame.

In the entire wall or just a piece
That contrast is spectacular, but still subtracting much black. However, the idea was to use chalkboard paint , as we will use this to draw pictures, write sentences fun (with white chalk or other colors, but they cut the black.)

Another option is to use chalkboard paint but not the entire wall, but generating a kind of extra frame. For example, painting 30 cm from each edge of the mirror as both up and down sides. The rest of the wall blank.Most of us, when we reform our housing give priority to the decoration of a space, we often focus on the living or dining room, past the lobby, if so important that little corner of our house visible at first sight for guests and what should be comfortable and functional.

And let’s be honest, the square footage in the lobby are always few, so I recommend the following:

1. – Uses a clear color palette, colors that bring light to the space and open feeling, like a mint green or yellow.

Two. – Choose furniture supplied to the room, the furniture should allow optimal mobility and for this I suggest using an elongated console or if the space is very small turn to the shelves.

Three. – Decorate with mirrors, mirrors used creatively to visually double the space, this trick never fails.

April. – Keep your hallway tidy. There is nothing worse than the mess, so try to have just enough in place, you can use hangers or cobblers.

May. – In keeping with the room decor, try decorating the lobby is connected to the living, in this way the space look bigger and will be the preamble to what your guests see when they enter the rest of your home.






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Decorating small foyer very well organized

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