Decorating Trends 2014: Kitchens and Bathrooms

The trends in kitchens not differ much from the 2012 trends in furniture, materials and finishes, which dedicated an article you can see here . Most of us we have limited space so the kitchen cabinets include new storage options are very functional and intelligent: Drawers, drawers and cabinets allow us to maximize space.
The difference in kitchen decorating trends relative to 2012 is shown in colors. If last year saw neutral colors mixed with cool colors in 2014 take over the soft warm colors and wood charge more prominence. As noted neutral white, which does not become monotonous for use with gloss or wood. The trend also include glass fronts, as you will see in the fifth picture.

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Combinations of this 2014 mix opt for neutral and warm woods and neutral colors or all three, as you can see in the fourth picture. To all appliances and accessories in black granite and steel are incorporated. And of course, maintaining last year’s trends, countertops mimic natural materials such as granite or marble, plus indirect lighting, which adds warmth and elegance. The decorative styles are basically two: The classic style and contemporary.

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In the bathrooms, like kitchens, furniture is becoming more functional, precisely because of the same problem: space (and having to share it with the family), with matte finishes and wood. The floors and countertops mimic natural materials such as marble and decorative styles of baths are essentially threefold: Minimalist, contemporary and classic, with vintage touches.

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Regarding colors, the bathrooms are continuing the trend of blue combined with neutral colors but this year gaining strength different combinations of neutral as creams, browns, beiges and whites. Also included brown and gray, as we have seen in the bedrooms. And again, like kitchens, loom large points of light for a cozy space, especially when we opted for hot and neutral colors.

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