Decorating with billboards

If you live in an apartment that has little or luminosity, which has views from the windows are not the most scenic, you may need to pay attention to this new mode setting of spaces, such as the decoration with billboards .

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Today there are many companies that are engaged in the printing of photographs that one is drawn, or images taken from the web. The big difference is that instead of print in classic sizes, they are made ​​in sizes that occupy entire walls.

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Thus, what was once a drab wall today may become a panoramic view of New York, the cliffs of Santorini, a sunset at the Grand Canyon, an underwater image of coral in the sea or what you can imagine.
Others serve as a focus for relaxation, such as this bath with a wonderful aerial view of the Alps.

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Otherwise, if you want to keep a memory of a beautiful old city, visited at some point or for some reason it brings back good memories, you may want to opt for designs like this in black and white.
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