Decorating with Green apple color

The color is one of the key things to consider when you decide to renovate or build space to personalize.
Coloring walls, manage the furniture following a style, all operations are able to ensure new solutions, especially fresh and unique. One of the bright colors that is very much in vogue for some years and that does not tend to disappear, it is the green apple.


The green color is a very common within the environments that surround us in what is present in nature with all variants under different tonal and formal aspects.The apple green is a color is cold, but very lively, suitable for all environments that need to have a pace lively and fresh.The green apple can be more tenuous or access according to taste, by the way goes well both within residential, as the living area and sleeping area, both within more formal settings such as those working.The use of color then does not have to be seen as wall cladding or simply painting, can become part of the environment through the accessories and furnishings .Let us see some piece of furniture or accessory to decorate with color.

The kitchen green apple
The kitchen is such a great place to play with color, you always want to venture a little ‘within their own home. Shelves, cabinets and other items can become magically colored to give space to the originality of furniture. An example may be the kitchen designed by the designer Alfredo Zengiaro for FEBAL that offers a dynamic and vibrant solution in both glossy and matt. The kitchen is also spacious and allows you to integrate within as well as the oven and fridge, need, even a washing machine.

The solution plays on the two-tone, white refined and elegant and the bright green and bright.
This guarantees the perfect balance and prevents the user to get tired of the color, even on and in the foreground.

Ottoman and chair apple green
The ottomans and armchairs are the furnishing simple but able to complete so sublime spaces.In many commercial varieties are available, starting from the form to get to the color.The ottoman is an accessory especially convenient and compact, ideal for those looking for something simple and appealing. The inclusion of this complement within the living area, in the gradation of green apple, immediately turn on your space, making it young and fresh.

The chair , maybe a lot, it is also ideal for bedrooms. In addition to being functional can be a fun accessory to be displayed in the home. The bright color of green apple give the final touch.

Chair green apple
The chairs are also another important accessory to characterize spaces .Also in this case the available forms are among the most disparate, able to really satisfy all tastes, even the most difficult.Since we usually 4/6 in the dining area, by themselves, can be a stylistic choice precise.

Use a bright color such as green for the final result, it will make your space look very youthful and modern, without necessarily having to play with other accessories, then if you want to pick any obviously there is no getting lost in the world of color.

Appliances apple green
By now, even the appliances are colorful and attractive design.E ‘became increasingly easy to find something particularly useful as a home appliance, it becomes an integral part of the furnishings, thereby playing an action also aesthetic. Blenders, refrigerators, mixers … can become the flagship of a modern home, full of color.

Vases, picture frames, rugs, household accessories like paperweights, tables etc … can easily become the plus-ultra of a modern home and joyful.

Playing with the green apple maybe comparing it to contrasting elements in black or white, will allow you to make your space unique.All accessories side by side, and added next to one another, perhaps even in different shades, are ideal for characterizing environments.

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