Decorating with Maps

Maps are items that are readily available in any bookstore, and are usually very cheap, now these objects as well as help them learn, they can also serve as original motives for decorating, because with just a few changes that may help you decorate any space of your home. So go ahead and use the maps decoration to change the style of any corner of your home.
There are several ways to decorate with maps , making it an ideal technique to enhance the ambience of any room, depending on the room you want to decorate, you can choose to play maps, vintage or simple maps that are sold to schools.

What I can decorate with maps?
You might wonder what I can decorate with a map? Well the first thing that comes to mind is hanging on the wall, but there are many uses for decorating with maps, the most used are:
Bumper line cabinets , boxes, tables, etc.
Fabric mapping occasion for cushions

The Aesthetics vintage and steampunk entan very fashionable today, at first the idea is that the objects are (or at least seem) of pasads times, the second appeals to the industrial and steam-driven machinery, including other features.
To decorate a room with either of these two aesthetic need maps that look old and worn, sepia those are the best option, and type dependidendo decoration, you can burn some some of the corners so they look worn.

If you are a constant traveler, decorating with maps you can be ideal, because if you decorate with a mural or globes can mark those sites you’ve visited, and for this you need only small flags.

Maps for Kids
It is not necessary that all maps are strictly serious, if you decorate the nursery can use maps amusement parks or cartoon. A good option to learn while playing, is to use maps with the actual locations, but printed on paper with fun shapes.

Cushions with Maps
If you get a fabric with a pattern of maps (and you’re good / a with seam) cushions or curtains can do with this type of fabric, so you will have a functional and decorative object at a time.
If you like this style of decorating with maps for home and apply it at home, I invite you to share with us photos of your decor.