Decorating with sofas and armchairs

The decoration with sofas and armchairs, is key to the ambience of the room, since this furniture taking the lead role in the decor. Recent trends point to prioritize ergonomics and comfort. The designs begin to become more bold, peeling of the traditional. The sofas and armchairs are soft seats for one or more occupants, who have support and armrests. Its function is to provide a comfortable seat for several people or a social function, is a meeting space. This furniture is the key element in the decoration of a room.


There are countless variations for these seats, from the formal to the functional. We can find sofas break for a single person, as long chaise or couches, in which the position is reclined. Until chairs for a significant number of occupants in a circle.

Sofas forms can range from straight to curved, or a mixture thereof. The straight chairs are easier to locate in any environment but have the problem that the people who are sitting can not meet face to face. The curved chairs promote social intercourse, but they are difficult to locate in any space. Require spacious and decorated to suit your shape.

Design Seats:
The renovation has come to the sofas and chairs, to move away from traditional forms and materials but with slow. The designers start experimenting with original illustrations, seeking a new meaning for this furniture. Innovations in lines, freedom in the choice of materials, are part of the new arrivals.

The chairs have their natural place in classrooms or hallways. The traditional structure of the sofa is built in wood , upholstered and covered with fabric, with the addition of cushions to complete the back and seat.

Among the different types of sofa is the sofa bed, which is a multifunction, which becomes a bed with one or two seats. Another variant is the triplet, consisting of the sofa and armchairs.

Current ergonomic studies provide valuable elements for the design of chairs, improving the performance of this furniture. For proper rest, the seat should be hard and soft support, the hip should be at a height greater than the knees, and back straight. The armrests should be comfortable and allow the support arm to the elbow, not below.

For small spaces sofas with armrests are removable. They are also imposing the chairs with armrests at different heights. The latest trends reclining backrests provide maximum comfort.


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