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In the time to decorate our homes is to feel more comfortable in the place you probably spent a lot of time. The whole process should not obey the rules, but after our hearts.

principles of interior decoration

While this may sound good in theory, we all know the feeling when you install something new in your home instead of pleasure and joy can cause disappointment because I really wanted to stay as. To avoid these undesirable situations, there are some techniques that have proven to be working in the majority of situations.

christmas ceiling decorations

One of the most obvious techniques is the partial decoration of the house. Since according to the professionals, the best way to display them are decorated with presences magazines and books are stacked on the coffee tables or shelves or bars often rather a place of fun and relaxation at home , this will give you a sense of exclusivity to your home.

fabric wall decoration

If you want your furniture to stand out, then you should make sure that they are not overshadowed by the color of the walls or ceiling. Instead, opt for a palette of soft or light to achieve the effect of color and black canvas and highlight what you most want.

Home Decoration furniture

At the same time, the colors can also be used to change the perception of the room or in a specific environment. For example, a light color, cool to create the feeling that the room in question is larger than it really is, for that you have to do well first indicated feeling you want to achieve with accurate colors.

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