Decoration for air signs Zodiac

We ended today with the decor for air signs Zodiac series of articles about decorating Zodiac we opened with decoration zodiac fire signs , and continue with the   decoration for signs of water and earth signs .

There is no divination, but a way of harmonizing the natural energy of those signs with the home so that when you share a home can have, along with a beautifully decorated space that each character needs to develop and feel at peace sometimes without being aware of it.

How to decorate as air signs
Decoration for Aquarium
Indigenous people of the sign Aquarius love electronic tools, electrical gadgets, gadgets and innovations all and feel comfortably if you have them handy. Your living room is a sanctuary for all electronic components. All the technology that others can distract or confuse them so help you relax, try the near corner of Aquarius has few electrical and remote controls.

An aquarium or a small fountain also be felt in their environment. He paints his corner in a metallic blue and you will succeed no doubt, but also like to decorate the home in purple , silver, gold and metal in general.

Decoration for Gemini
Gemini natives have great adaptability. In its decoration several decorative styles coexist in a sort of eclecticism unsurpassed. It can be a mixture fortunate or unfortunate, but always combining colors vivid.

Geminis need spaces where they can meet and share. Therefore tend to have more interest in the family room decor . Given their tendency to accumulate objects, special attention should not clutter the living room furniture and ornaments limiting the space. Furnish the room without losing space and make it look larger is recommended. multifunctional furniture or carts to move more easily could be a perfect solution.

Decoration for Libra
True to its name, people born of pounds need balanced décor, both in colors and spaces and volumes from home. If you hang a floating shelf on one side of the room, must be balanced with something of equal visual weight as a low mahogany table, to show their cards.

Love the design and the furniture or decorative pieces rare, and feel very comfortable in spaces decorated in cool tones like gray color with flashes of blue or orange. They like two key trim, chandeliers, tables on either side of the sofa, tables, candles, vases or mirrors, but in pairs.
We finished with Gemini, Aquarius and Libra the twelve signs of the zodiac. The decor is not the only Zodiac that seeks to develop the harmony of the home, Feng Shui or decoration Zen are other ways to find the balance between the individual and the environment. Which do you prefer?