A decoration hallway or entry may seem difficult to carry out. And yet, it is possible! But what ambiance choose? minimalist decoration , baroque , modern , exotic , mountain  ?


Minimalist décor, what is it?
As its name suggests, a minimalist design is the least of things possible, space is king . The basic idea is not to clutter the space with an excess of furniture, picture frames, decorative items. In this atmosphere the convenience premium.
But aesthetics must of course keep a prominent place. While maintaining maximum space you can afford a lot of things everything is a matter of order.
Play priority contrasting colors, tangy, neutral or pastel, and light wood furniture.
We chose here to present you the option of a white surround, gray and black.


What furniture choose?
For a corridor
For the minimalist decoration of a corridor:
Place a library light wood like pine or white finishes, clean lines between two doors. This will be without windows and doors visible books.
To keep the space, avoid swinging doors.
A trunk white wood or paint (pine) will be placed offset from the library for some arrangements.
Caution  : If the hallway is lined with cupboards, leave free space for opening sliding doors thereof.


For entry
For the minimalist decoration of an entry:
Furniture square shoes, wooden paint or white, also be used to ask a few decorative elements on top.
A metal door white coat will be placed next to the door without interfering opening.
Shallow white console (36 cm maximum) with two drawers in front allow storage of diverse and everyday objects.
Wallcoverings for a minimalist decoration


For a corridor
The paint is perfect for a minimalist corridor decoration  :
The front wall is painted dark: gray storm for example.
The two side walls will be painted white.
To give some volume to the room, add a few drops of storm gray paint in white acrylic paint and paint the doors of the side walls of this mixture.
The back door will be painted the same color as the wall.
The door frame is painted white for painted storm gray and taupe for the walls painted white wall.
The ceiling will be painted white.
You may prefer a wallpaper it will be plain white or light veined marble to give clarity to the hallway.


For entry
For optimum harmony between the hallway and the entrance, two wall coatings must remain the same.
The front door will be painted like the other side of the hallway doors that is to say in very light gray.
Finally, to give volume to the space, attach giant stickers shaped like elongated stylized flowers on each door (these stickers are available in black or white). This will create bold contrasts.


What flooring to choose?
For a corridor
Various options available to you to create a minimalist décor in your hallway:
Ideal for a home that you are building. Choose a tile united two tones like black and white.
It will be placed in diamond to enlarge the space.
Carpet  : a solid or mottled carpet, loop and tones of the walls, called “high traffic” will be placed in one piece.

For entry
Again, several possibilities:
Tiles  : the same color and laid in the same way as the hallway.
Carpet  : same corridor.
If you have stairs in the house, for example, set at the foot of it a half-moon rug recalling the color of the darker wall. Similar carpets can also be placed in front of each door.
To go further, visit our specialty sites: Carpet and Tile
Textiles and / or curtains to create a minimalist décor


For a corridor
If the passage has no window, the curtains are not necessary.
In case there is a skylight, it will be topped with a simple sheer attached to a light rod and white without decorative tips preference.

For entry
You can to avoid air flow pose a curtain obscuring the cold will be doubled fabric light gray plain cotton for example.
The cotton fabric is of course visible and obscuring part against the door.