Decoration Underground

Although not one of the decorative styles that will sweep today, underground decoration has always had and continues to have, a group of fans loyal to this style without rules where almost anything goes whenever it is unexpected.

underground deco

The underground style must have a decadent air you get with some vintage pieces , leaving walls and exposed brick wherever possible, no pipes or cables hiding … something like a mixture of industry and kitch: stuffed animals or imitating, Typical parts travel, crochet or quilt from Grandma or without lamp bulbs.

Bedroom underground deco

livingroom underground deco

Of course if you have an old house, a loft space industrial or completely to reform it have much easier but with parts vintage and great old posters, a few key pieces, few bulky, allowing open spaces and some furniture recycled or recovered , you will get a room or an underground space very easily.

kitchen underground deco

beautiful underground deco

The pieces of the ’50s, when style was the rage underground Yorker, old turntables, vinyl records or industrial lamps and reused colored furniture will make any room can have that “touch” underground although not the dominant decorative style your home.

office underground deco

A little wink style for lovers of the 50s, decadent and bohemian air of a style that refuses to go out of style and can create really comfortable spaces to live and very surprising for those who know not recognize at first glance. An unexpected success retro decorative very dreamy air.