Decoration without sex for the baby room

Most parents are planning the decoration of their baby’s room on the basis of the sex of the baby. But there are some who choose not to learn the sex of the baby before birth, or others who prefer more neutral solutions so we can meet your needs and a second child who is probably not the same sheet with their first.

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The solution for the last two groups are the «neutral» kids rooms whose decoration can form a dream environment for baby, baby boy, is either either girl.
Because in each case, the mwroydiako room will become the focus of the life of the new family member. There will be sleeping there, will take his first impulses, it changes, it plays once grown up a bit.Let’s see some helpful tips on how you can design a ‘neutral’ nursery:

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• Select the color palette
It is important to start decorating the room starting from something that you enjoy as an idea and build around it.A first approach may relate to the color palette around which you want to move, as this will kathodigeisei and the rest of your choices as to the fabrics, curtains, decorative items.
Colors in a ‘neutral’ nursery good would be to escape the “stereotypes”, eg. Pink and blue, but to move in soft shades of yellow, green, white, beige, etc. Of course, even the light blue or gray, combined with a neutral concept can serve the design needs of a room without sex “

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• Orient you as to the theme of the room
You can choose a topic from the outset and to use stickers and tables surrounding it, or to find the course a concept based on the “personality” of the baby your-eg. things and the colors that excite me-and to ‘build’ using wall art and accessories to support it.
The walls of the children’s room is a large canvas just waiting to be improvise-the same and the ceiling. Common options for walls is the color transitions from one to another, or even in the same wall (game with 2 colors), the stripes, the stencil (you can make and yourself) and polka dots.

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Alternative ideas can arise by applying wallpaper in selected points of the room.Wall stickers are also easy to implement and cost-effective solution for creating special “identity” of the room (remember and its solution create wall stickers from other wallpaper).In addition, a pretty flexible solution as to the “performance” of a theme in the children’s room, is to use small shelves, on which you can adorn accessories and games on the concept of your choice.

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• Equip the room with «neutral» furniture
Start the furnishings of the room by purchasing the necessary accessories in colors and style that does not limit you. Better yet-given the economic crisis-and select epila that can be exploited in child’s room as it grows.
Natural wood or the darker shades of furniture, is a pretty safe choice. The same goes for the white furniture, however keep in mind that you may create “problems” if it should be incorporated into the room of your little boy, as grows.

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Tip! Do not forget that you can decorate the furniture with playful stickers!

• Click ‘play’ with fabrics
Give the playful tone that you want in the decoration of the room, creating interesting contrasts with curtains, pillows, bed sheets and covers, the protective pads of the cot, etc.Do not be afraid to combine different fabrics with vibrant designs.

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• Complete the look feel & selecting the right carpet
Growing your baby, you and I will spend enough time playing in the children’s room carpet, so the choice is worth your attention. Moreover, a mat with color and patterns can change decisively the image of space.

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