Decorative pillows with flowers

One of the accessories that we can decorate easily and quickly any room of our home are the cushions. Placing a few decorative pillows on the furniture or bed can give a special touch without spending much money. So today we bring you several ideas for you to learn how to make decorative pillows with flowers .

While it is possible to purchase cushions and make the case, you can make them from scratch, as this is not a difficult task. Through it, we’ll tell you first how to make a cushion and then see several ways to decorate with flowers.

You can use these pads with flowers to complement a themed or just to highlight a strong color in a neutral color.

How to Make a Cushion
As the ideal is to make a tough pad, it is preferable to do the cushion with a strong fabric and then make a decorative cover. The first thing to do is keep in mind the measures you want for your pad, then cut two pieces of fabric with these measures (remember to add 1cm on each side for seams). Sew three sides of the fabric inside out, flip and introduces soft foam to fill it completely. Finally, you can sew the side you lack, or put a Velcro closure or change the fill whenever you want.

How to decorate a cushion with flowers
Cover with petals
Choose a strong color fabric for the cushion cover. When you’re ready, you can decorate with sconces shaped petals. You can cut the shape of the petals of the same fabric or purchase fabric or plastic petals that are available in craft stores. Ideally these flowers with petals reports, but you can also place the template of your choice.

Fabric Flowers
You can use fabric flowers to decorate your case, there are several options for this:

Cut flowers of a fabric that has already design.
Make flowers with fabric or other materials (foami, yarn, etc..).
Embroidery or knitting flowers.
Paint the flowers directly on the web, for this use a fabric paint that is washable, you can use paints with 3D effect.
Make your own cushions to decorate is a great idea. Cheer and includes these designs into your home and tell you that you find.