Decorative pleated sun protection

There is no question that classical curtains are a wonderful decoration for the House. But looking more and more for a modern alternative for the window. So, if you want to know what is in the trend, we tell you short and simple: pleats.


Why replace pleats veteran curtains? Many factors influence this trend. Probably the great functionality is what made the pleats so popular over the years. You can get elegant window decoration, which falls right in the eye, and one on same time safe sunscreen for indoor use. Modern, attractive and practical: how we would best describe the pleats.


Let’s go now to the concrete. What provides news of the market? How manufacturers improve their products?¬†First thing is the variety of the models. Some companies able to provide customers with a wide selection of pleats. Several products mean not low quality. Look at the pleated online stores and find your model!


If you are interested in pleats, you probably know how important are mounting clips. Some new models offer the possibility to secure pleats on wooden Windows and Windows with a small distance to the ceiling, or floor. A very handy thing, because you can do that directly in front of the window pane. You will find more information here.Have you thought about it, everyday objects could be as dangerous for babies? It is rarely such questions. But even if you choose a decorative sun protection for your home, you should be aware of certain things. The pleats, for example, must have a pull cord stopper. To do this, it is very important that the child protection complies with the new EU regulations.A good example of high-quality Pull cord stopper is the so called Sensuna kids care system.

pleated sun protection

If you want to decorate your window really nice, sure that the pleated systems do not perform. This happens very often in large pleated tanks and not attractive looks.The light bending effects, which sometimes occur with stiff pleated plants, fall right in the eye and make a good impression. In this sense, we recommend increased rail profiles to search for, which can guarantee for the modern and elegant look of your window. Sensuna profile + is a good example of this. This rail profile prevents the bending effects of large pleated plants and provides stability and security.


Pleats are becoming a popular window decorations as they are decorative and functional at the same time. They offer not only privacy, but also glare and heat protection. That’s why it’s worth for sure to invest a little time to find the best model for your own apartment!